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7th Oct 12′ Greetings, Wild Camp, Spain – Ronda Valley, Spain

October 7, 2012

Approx. 456 miles.

Last night, on arrival in to Bilbao port we assisted some other riders unstrap their bikes, before saying our goodbye’s to the lovely people we met on board. On dry land (but still swaying from the effects of the boat) met Fre, our Belgium friend. That now made us “the three adventure road hogs”.

It was cool and overcast but at least it wasnt raining. Even though on dry land the effects of the 24 hour sailing gently rocking us from side to side made me feel as if I was still on board. Either that or the stress of orgainsing the visas leading up to my departure was taking its toll.

Time wasnt on our side so we set off immediately to find our campsite which was 200 miles away near Segovia, Spain. The night closed in and it soon became apparent that we wouldnt make the campsite. Dai being the king of wild camping khe is, found a lovely spot bang in the middle of a farmers field. The tents came out and dinner made before the light rain began. Dai opted for no tent and slept under the stars secretly hoping it not to rain.

The following morning we packed quickly so not to be noticed by the farmer and set off on our lengthly 456 mile journey over the Sierra Navada mountain range to the Ronda Valley.

We made good time but unfortuneatley travelled sepaerately for most of the day due to me speeding off and not noticing Fre had pulled over on the hard shoulder. Luckily, it was just to fasten his jacket and we bumped in to each other much further down the road. It was the perfect place to meet just before we left the dual carriageway to enter the stunning Ronda valley.

As we bimbled through the mountains the sun set strongly and made for a perfect end to the day.

Fre will be departing us tomorrow (or will he?) as Dai and I prepare ourselves to enter Africa using the ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta. A route known to us both.

Tomorrow, we hope to head for Kinitra, Morocco so that we can apply for our Mauritanian visas. That is when the adventure really begins!