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10th Oct 12′ Still Mauritanian Embassy, Rabat, Morocco

October 10, 2012

22 miles.

Well here we are in the campsite foyer smoking which feels really strange to be able to smoke in doors. Let me tell you about todays events:

Woke early this morning so that we could be first in line for our second attempt at the Mauritania visa.

There was already ten applicants in line but this time the fixer from yesterday had been mutineered as some one else was now holding ‘the list’. A fight broke out to try and retrieve the list and some how I ended up in the middle. No punches thrown just argy bargy if you like.

It was decided by all that the list system should go and we should try and maintain an orderly queue. Dai and I kept the queue in order as best we could, that was until a young Moroccan chap tried his luck at pushing in. I ended up nose to nose with him then a gentle persuader meant he joined the back of the queue.

The applicants could soon see the advantage of queueing as the embassy doors remained open meaning more applicants were being proccessed quicker.

Another fight broke with the first fixer who for some reason was minding my helmet. The helmet got passed to a colleague so he could reach for his knife in his back pocket. Luckily the situation calmed and the knife got put away.

After submitting our application, Dai and I got some coffee in Rabat whilst I had a motorcycle cover made by the local taylor.

Thankully after two mornings of queuing we have successfully submitted our applications. Unfortunately this still means another afternoon of queuing tomorrow with no guarantee that the visa will be issued. Thats three days in total for the whole process which puts me two days behind schedule already.

Tomorrow, we plan on relaxing around the pool then collect our visas in the afternoon.