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17th Oct 12′ Rest Day. Auberge (B & B), Nouakshott, Mauritania

October 22, 2012

0 miles.

Today is a day off, so not much to report on other than Eugine successfully obtaining his Mali visa, oh and not to mention the huge fruit bats flying over head the Aubegre at dusk. We thought they were birds of prey until one swooped down. Dai being a birder estimated a wing span of almost a meter; they were huge.

We took advantage of the spare time by cleaning and checking over the bikes. I toped up the oil in mine. I wish I had of got a photo of Dai cleaning his, as it’s an unusual site especially judging from the reports I received on his kitchen looking similar to the photos I posted of the grubby campsite kitchen back in the Rabat camp site.

We also held a meeting with regards to our planned routes. I will obviously continue my route down to South Africa as planned though questionable if I will make it that far considering the time permitted. Eugine also plans to continue South to S. A. and Dai will end his journey South in Bamako, Mali in a couple of days’ time. He will then turn round and head homeward bound North via the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and on to see his friend in Spain.

The boys on reception helped wash our smelly clothes for a small fee.

Our stomach problems seemed much better so we stayed safe and ate at the same McDonalds like restaurant we ate at last night just down the road.

The day off gave us all chance to recharge our batteries and for Dai to rest his foot which is looking very black but the swelling has gone down significantly.