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9th Nov 12’ Ngounie , Gabon – Kouilou, Republic of Congo

November 13, 2012

Approx. 120 miles ?

To be published. Here’s a sneak preview:

“What happened next I can say for sure is the most emotional evening of my life. I hear the choir begin to sing just next from the church adjoining my chalet. Their voices loud and beautiful accompanied by the beating of a drum. Although not Catholic, I can’t resist but to dress in my best clothes and go to witness a local ceremony. The church is in darkness because there is no power, apart from four candle lights all placed in one corner of the church where the thirty people have congregated. The singing continues all part of the same prayer. A lady sits next to me and feeds her baby. Another baby begins to cry so its older brother no more than four year old puts the baby in his hands and takes him outside. This is how things are here, brothers and sisters hold hands in the street whilst the mother fetches firewood and the father hunts. They are untied, especially brothers and sisters who are never away from each other’s side. The older brother or sister almost acts as their mother.”