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10th Nov 12’ Kouilou – near Mindouli, Rep of Congo

November 13, 2012

To be published. Here’s a sneak preview:

Miles unknown.

“The ladies follow behind and chuckle at the thought of this white man taking a bath in their river. Along the way we pass three man made ponds covered with Lilli pads where father and son fish with cane rods and some kind of animal gut. Their catch is small but plentiful. In one of the ponds women wash vegetables and the skin presumably eaten by the fish. Another pond, woman wash clothes with huge bars of what look like natural soap. We arrived at a paradise oasis with a natural waterfall. I get undressed but leave my undies on to keep out any nasties. I check for crocodiles and snakes but can’t see any so double check by asking my hospitable guide if they’re present in this pool. He laughs and replies, “There isn’t any in here, your safe”, so I nervously belly flop into the warm pool of murky brown water.”