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12th Nov 12’ Brazzaville, Rep of Congo

November 13, 2012

To be published. Here’s s sneak preview:

0 miles.

“After breakfast, I take a ride in Louis’ Urla side car to the ferry port that crosses the Congo river from Brazza to Kinshasa and make enquires of tomorrows time table. There appears to be one passenger ferry a day and we arrive just in time to see the two SA chaps off. I signal to them how they got their motorcycle aboard, they replied with muscle and at a cost of 25,000 CFA each and no more. There are Police and military present at the port but fights are happening all around us and being ignored by the officials. Passengers fight amongst themselves throwing punches to the face or beating each other with truncheons. Stowaways climb the boats anchor rope for illegal entry in to Kinshasa. Other stowaways dangle from beneath the walkway out of site from the officials but in danger of being crushed by the now moving vessel.”