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13th Nov 12’ Congo River Ferry. Brazzaville, Rep of Congo – Kinshasa – Kintanu, Dem Rep of Congo

November 18, 2012

To be published. Here’s a sneak preview:

“The ferry had now docked and the carrying boys started to unload the heavy bags of merchandise from Kinshasa. Before they fully unloaded my agent instructed me to bring my motorcycle through the crowded port gates and up to the ramp. With my legs shaking form fear, I engaged first gear and gradually made my way through the crowd whilst revving my engine to warn the brawling crowd I was coming through no matter who was in my way. Nearing the ramp, a security guard tells me to wait for the boat to be unloaded; I don’t, and cheekily mount the ramp and descend towards the rickety barge.”