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Obtaining my second passport was one of the first tasks I set out to do. After reading many reports of how difficult this was, I apprehensively filled out the application form which I collected from the Post Office. I expected it to be different from your normal application but was just an ordinary passport application form. I called the passport office for advice on how to complete the form as there’s no real option or tick boxes for a ‘second passport’. Surprisingly the lady on the phone had never heard of a second passport and had to sought advice from a more experienced colleague. I was then advised to complete the form as if applying for my first passport and the same fees will apply.

Obtaining a second passportAs I already owned a passport, all I had to send was my original passport along with the application form with witness’, two passport photo’s and an accompanying letter explaining its intended uses. I’m guessing the border/passport agencies main concern is that it could be used fraudulently which is understandable.

A week later I received a phone call from a very helpful lady at the passport office saying I needed a letter from my employer as they only issues second passports for business use. I’m not too sure if this is entirely true as I have read of other travellers obtaining such a passport for travel, tourism and visa applications only.

I was disappointed at the request of extra information and began to wonder if I actually needed one. As you often read, things always seem to work themselves out and soon after I started visiting my Father whilst he worked abroad. As the visits often involved incompatible countries, I thought surely this would be reasoning for appeal.

So, as requested by the pass port office, my employer wrote an accompanying letter to explain our foreign work intentions along with a truthful example of my proposed adventure. The letter read similar to below.

In the meantime and following this letter, I had arranged a trip abroad and needed my original passport to be returned, so I called the office and to my surprise was told that both of my passports will be returned by courier within the next week. The whole process took a month.

Please Note: The passport has proved very useful when applying for visas but is only needed if you intend to visit incompatible countries or if you intend to apply for visas whilst still wanting to travel abroad during the application. Otherwise, it isn’t required for this trip. Having two passports has been know to cause problems in the past. Especially if you use one to get stamped out of a country whilst crossing a border and then the other to get stamped in to the next country. The border guards look for the exit stamp of the previous country and if not present then can easily confuse, especially if you then produce the second passport.

Your Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Ms. X, I have been informed from my employee that a further letter is required from myself on the request of the Passport Service. Please see the following:

As previously stated my employee is aiming to expand our services worldwide. The company already provide services internationally to the canning industry normally conducted by myself and on occasions have had to use my second passport.I’m hoping my employee can take over this roll, hence this application.

I anticipate a significant ongoing need for my employee to travel over the next five years at least. Several countries that he will be travelling will require visas that have extended application processes and I therefore request a second passport to expedite these whilst he is traveling.

My employee may also be required to apply for visas at foreign Embassies whilst he is out of the UK as the trips will encompass multiple countries and will be some months in duration.

(From then on the letter goes on to list the proposed dates and countries to be visited which included the incompatible countries – these are important. Its coincidence that I will be visiting my Father in some of these incompatible countries, therefore has really helped my application).

From October 2012 – January 2013, my employee will be visiting various canning factories throughout Africa to hopefully sell our services. As you can appreciate, we are unable to apply for visas until the second passport is issued as I believe some of the visa applications take up to six weeks. Specific dates are unknown at this point, though I trust this detailed schedule will be sufficient.

Please see the attached itinerary of my employees scheduled visits for the first three months. I can confirm that my employee will return to the United Kingdom after these trips are complete. Please assist us obtaining a passport allowing for these journeys.

Yours Faithfully,