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Travel, Medical, Legal, Breakdown and Repatriation Services

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not cover for such an adventuours trip especially motorcycle and travel insurance if riding a motorcycle over 1000 cc. Check with your insurance company what is and isnt covered. Because of this, over the years I have accumilated various insurances which quitef often overlap each other due to their disclaimers. read the small print.

After much research I have now found an Insurance company which offer a compete all in one service at a very reasonable price. ADAC is a German company similar to the English AA and are able to cover most of what you need whilst on the road. By purchasing their all round cover this has allowed me to cancel many other policies that wouldnt even consider this kind of travel.

ADAC breakdown service covers all of Europe and North African countries that border the Mediteranian Sea, which is virtually unheard of. In addition to this, if you are to breakdown any further South of the African Mediteranian countries and your able to diagnose the fault, they will courier the required part out to you – amazing!

Because of the risks involved, I also purchased their medical, repatriation and legal cover. If I remember correctly the whole package came to around 250 Euro. Well recommended.

Motorcycle Insurance

Yet to be researched. My current policy offers fully comprehensive cover throughout all of Europe. Your normal policy is highly unlikely to offer any cover for countries outside of the EU. In saying this in 2010, I was able to include Moroccco on my green card which meant I had fully comprehensive cover during my adventure there and will request this option again. I believe third party cover is compulsory throughout all African countries and must be purchsed on entry.